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1. Daniel 2. Brooke 3. Caleb 4. Luis 5. Gerardo 6. Lok 7. Kate 8. Sasha 9. Shayne
10. Rebeca 11. Kaithleen 12. Xin 13. James 14. Victoria 15. Jen 16. Clara 17. Shoog
18. Kentucky 19. Cole 20. Jordan 21. Joey + Luiz 22. Rob 23. Manu 24. Ray 25. Moishe

Queer in the Sunshine State
is a collection of interviews from 26
queer / trans / nonbinary / genderqueer / gay / lesbian / bi / pan / ace
individuals about their lives in Gainesville / Florida / the South / and beyond.

This project is in response to the Florida Legislative Investigation Committee,
or Johns Committee, which used the power of the state legislature to attack and
intimidate Civil Rights Activists and "suspected" gay people at
various Florida universities and institutions from 1956-1965.

Those racist and homophobic ideologies did not end
when the committee disbanded in 1965 and
continue to this day
in Florida,
across the South,
across America, and around the world.

How can representations and narratives of Queer people
challenge prejudice against this community?

What does it mean to be Queer in the Sunshine State?

Queer in the Sunshine State is a call to action.
Keep going!
Keep striving
for a more just
and equal future!!